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About us

Our Vision
Developing skills to strengthen the concepts and improve accuracy and fastness in calculations, thereby making maths a loving subject
Our Aim
We aim to enhance each and every child skills that last for lifetime. Focusing on Math which is a vital subject, we help the child to develop their learning skills and exceed expectations with our powerful methods.

How it helps the child

We are passionate about your child's development. Whatever their age or ability, our programmes will help your child to:

  • Master mathematics
  • Develops concentration and study habits
  • Build lasting confidence and self-belief
  • Confidence to take on new challenges
  • An opportunity to realize their full potential
  • Improve their all-round academic achievement
  • To Learn SELF STUDY and become independent on Tuitions.


In Ganit Margadarshak  we ensure that your child’s full potential is utilized and build self-confidence in them. Here we make every effort to give children a study routine that exactly suits to their ability and which support them to advance at their own pace.

Ganit margadarshak  is independent to school syllabus , but at the same time provides strong conceptual base on each and every topic of the mathematics as a whole.

Our aim is not just to prepare children for passing an exam or catching up with schoolwork but to nurture confidence and make them independent learners – where the child is prepared to meet challenges in schools, competitive exams, Olympiads and beyond.

Persons behind Ganit Margadarsak


M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Indian Agricultural Statistics Research Institute, New Delhi, and was one of the Top Five candidates selected from all over India for the programmes.

Developed application in mathematics on web and android platforms

+5 years as Head of Department for Speed calculation techniques in Mathematics in Ved Vignan Maha Vidya Peeth, Bangalore, India

Associated as a lecturer for 2 years for Mathematics and Statistics in Sri Sri Agri Business Academy and Sri Sri Ravishankar Pre-University College

A good acquaintance in speed calculation techniques, conducted teacher training programs, implemented online teaching system, designed various modules and a curriculum for K-1 to K-12 in speed calculation techniques and developed computerized worksheets for above mentioned modules and curriculums.


  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (1997)
  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by Indian Agricultural Research Institute (1999)
  • Senior Research Fellowship (SRF) by Indian Agricultural Research Institute (2001)
  • Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) by Council of Scientific Industrial Research (2004)
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) by Council of Scientific Industrial Research (2004)
  • National Eligibility Test (NET) by Indian Council of Agricultural Research (2004)


Completed his M.Sc. M.Phil. in Mathematics from Punjab University and 19th rank in National Eligibility Test from UGC.

Due to his estimable elicit in Mathematics he began to coach his seniors from class 5th. Noticing his ascending technical skills, his school teachers started to campaign to get him in their sections. Since then teaching is his hobby and passion both.

After completing Masters Degree in Mathematics, got placement in Aakash institute for IIT coaching in Delhi. Then he forecasted to establish his own institute where he can nurture students, so that they can score well in Mathematics.

He teaches conventional mathematics to students of M.C.A., M.B.A, B.B.A, engineering and other graduates and masters’ students. He is the first advanced course teacher of Vedic Maths in Art Of Living.

At the end of his 30th year, he feels proud to have 20 years of experience in teaching mathematics.


Mr P.G.Rajeswara rao, a devotee of Mathematics and an innovative mathematics teacher with 12 year of long experience for NTSE AND IIT-JEE FOUNDATION COURSES

Designed more than 200 class room activities and models in various branches of mathematics like Algebra, Geometry, Arithmetic, etc. which are of great help to students from I std  to 12th.The models are so designed to cater to the needs of all segments of teachers and learners in verifying formulae results and applications etc., irrespective of curriculum.

He participated in various national level and state level mathematics conferences and submitted thought provoking papers in math concepts

He Designed A Mathematical Calendar “THE MATH EXPRESS” First of its kind in India in JUNE -2010

 also Designed A Triangular Chess Board “TRIO BRAIN WAR”, Where three members can play chess at a time.

Recently Mr . Rao participated in CoSMED 2011 (International Conference on Science and Mathematics Education) Penang, Malaysia. There he represented India and conducted a workshop for teachers. For this he got accolades from the International fraternity.

Currently he is the Founder and Chief Mentor for THIRD APPLE that provide ONE STOP SOLUTIONS FOR CURRICULAR MATH AND SCIENCE NEEDS in terms of training AND education.

Uniqueness of Ganit Margadarshak
Kick start with Ease
Every child by nature seeks interest to participate and progress in activities other than school work/activities. By looking at this dimension, we have designed methodologies / strategies in a way which is more like an activity than a curriculum. Students enrolled are initially assessed with a simple exam. This exam helps to assess the current knowledge of the student.

Individual Care
According to the abilities of the child, appropriate worksheets will be assigned to cater the needs of every child. This would enhance the basic foundation and also strengthen the concepts. In this process, we ensure that every child receives individual care to enhance their learning curve.

Self study and Practice
Self study and systematic practice makes one master in any subject with ease. Ganit margadarshak modules are designed in a way to enhance the art of self study in every child. The regular worksheets assigned to the child provide to build a fundamental base in Mathematics which is helpful in boosting the self confidence of the child.

Inculcating Healthy Routine
he child is handed over worksheets which requires few minutes of daily homework. This works wonders with student’s confidence, motivation and ability.

At Ganit Margadarsak  Students are the Soul, Instructors are the Body and Parents are the Heart. Here, every role is vital. The child’s progress is assessed on monthly basis to enable us to make any changes in the study pattern. At home, parental support for the child is a must. Therefore, partnership between the student, instructor and parents is of utmost importance to make it successful.

Why Ganit Margadarsak
Strengthening the Concepts in Mathematics
Children hate or dislike maths or have maths phobia, the reason being lack of understanding the concepts at different levels. Basically, Mathematical concepts help to lay groundwork for future understanding of mathematics. We ensure that each child understands the concepts before making them to solve the problems.

Develop excellent concentration and study habits
Everyone is aware of the proverb “Practice makes man perfect”. After ensuring that the concepts are strong, we provide necessary practice worksheets related to school work and also according to the personal interests of the child to be done daily at home by fixing a particular time frame. This will help the child to improve his study habits and increase the concentration.

Build lasting confidence and self-belief
Once the children are practicing the worksheets on daily basis and solving the problems which are little higher than their comfort level, the confidence to solve problems in real world increases there by enhancing their capability and reducing their dependency on others. Since there is no teaching part, the children will learn to solve the problems by their own.

Achieving the target through systematic study approach
If we want to eat a pizza, we break it into pieces and take one by one. Similarly, studying on a daily basis in a systematic guided way helps in achieving any target. It will be like a cake walk to every child.

Confidence to take new challenges
Solving the problems on their own which are beyond their text books and syllabus helps in building the confidence to take up new challenges and also can achieve them.

An opportunity to realize full potential
Everyone has immense potential to deal with situations in the world. But to realize and achieve, one needs to be exposed to the outside world (other than the school text book and topics given by the teachers). Systematic guidance at the initial stage helps to tackle the situation. And during this process they slowly learn the things and realize their potential and work towards the goal.

We focus more on the concepts rather than any particular board syllabus. Our material is available for different boards (CBSE, State, ICSE, IB etc.). The topics specified by the board are taken into consideration and more focus will be towards that, but according to the capability of the child we encourage the child to go ahead beyond books and syllabus

Frequently Asked Questions
Will it support school curriculum?
The curriculum is independent of school. However the syllabus of Ganit margadarsak is in lined to CBSE, ICSE, State syllabus and GSCE.

What is the duration of the course?
It is designed as a full time course. Duration depends on the learning pace of the student. Depending on the diagnostic test the child would be placed in the appropriate starting point to begin with.

Do you cover a wide range of essential maths topics?
Yes! For a full list see our brochures. We DO include percentages, probability, ratio & proportion, geometry, etc which are pitched at the right level for the student’s stage in their education and takes their ability into account.

Where do your course materials originate?
We have developed our course specifically to support the CBSE, ICSE Curriculum. We develop and source the very best materials available – we are not limited to any single materials provider.